Connecticut & Sierra Leone Program Reflections

“This workshop really brought the interconnectedness of the world to the forefront.  I could never really gain the insight I’ve gotten in any other way.  It was life-changing.  Truly.  My students will have a better understanding of the impact of the slave trade through my own experience.  I know this will only enhance the education of my students.” Tina Roberts, New Haven, Connecticut

“My other highlights include the trip to the Beinecke, the neighborhood walk with Kevin and his mom, and Julianna and Mariama’s visit to Troup.

The workshop challenged my perspectives on New Haven and pieces of African-American history. It gave me a time/space to focus on stories I should be incorporating more into my classroom. Overall, I learned a lot and I feel more connected to this city. As a result, I hope I can help my students feel more connected to these histories.” Rohanna Delossantos, New Haven, Connecticut

“Being in a room with other teachers and learning about their experiences and what they are doing inspired and motivated me to implement some practices in the classroom.” Victoria Alukpe, Bronx, New York