Connecticut & Johannesburg Program Reflections

“Made me realise the kind of work we still need in South Africa to mark our history. I especially love that each town has a historical society which is a living breathing institution rather than a building with dead lifeless objects.” Athambile Masola, Pretoria, South Africa

“Genuinely one of the best workshops I’ve attended. Lots of brilliant ideas flying about. I appreciate the openness, warmth and security of the group. A group of lovely people. True friendship have been built which I trust will endure long after the workshop” Mary Khuduge, Regents Park, Johannesburg, South Africa

“The lecture that was conducted via Skype on ‘Gated Communities’ was quite relevant because it reflected America and South Africa’s shared realities, mainly because these are issues that we are still grappling with and as such they continue to perpetuate inequalities. I wish more and more South African teachers can be recruited into this project and maybe the love and appreciation of our shared history can filter right through to our learners.” Seipati Senomadi, Soweto, South Africa

“Dr Keisha Blain was nothing short of amazing. I am honoured to have sat in her lectures and I look forward to following her future work.

I also now believe that it is important for the South African syllabus to include much more of American history. Because of the many similarities, this could help our learners understand the impact such histories have on people.” Seila Senoamadi, Soweto, South Africa